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Girl Scout Troop Cookie Manager Agreement


Volunteer Position Description

The GS Troop Cookie Manager is responsible for administering the Girl Scout Troop’s Cookie Program Activity, all financial transactions, reporting and paperwork and providing programmatic support.

  • 12 months

  • Appointed by: SU Cookie Coordinator
  • Volunteer Support: GS Troop Leader / SU Cookie Coordinator
  • Staff Support: Volunteer Coordinator and Cookie Team Members

  • Have current GSUSA registration and valid security status.
  • Ensure that compliance with the regulations governed by the following is met: GSUSA Volunteer Essentials, GSNETX policies and procedures Safety Activity Checkpoints
  • Ensure compliance with and familiarity with GSNETX Policies and Procedures--specifically those policies regarding GS Troop funds.
  • No outstanding funds from previous year's cookie sales.
  • Positively represent Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas Cookie Program in all interactions, promoting GSNETX Cookie Program goals and values to all other volunteers.
  • Act as the primary point of contact via different channels of communication to Girl Scout parents/guardians about the GSNETX Cookie Program through regular and timely communications/responses.
  • Ensure all parents/guardians have completed appropriate requirements as outlined by your GSNETX Cookie Team to actively participate in the GSNETX Cookie Program.
  • Promote and support the GSNETX Cookie Program to all parents/guardians (returning and new) by understanding how to participate and have the information and resources to accomplish the GSNETX Cookie Program as a positive experience for girls.
  • Support the GSNETX Cookie Program initiatives and encourage parents/guardians to participate in the following but not limited to; booth sales, direct sales, contests, gift of caring program, etc.
  • Collect and distribute girl incentive items in a timely manner to girls whose full balance is paid by the date set by GSNETX annually.
  • Work with parents to solve conflicts that might arise during the GSNETX Cookie Program in partnership with the support of the appropriate GSNETX Staff.
  • This role lasts one membership year and will be reappointed annually.
  • Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas volunteers are not employees of GSNETX and will not receive any compensation or employee-related benefits for time or resources through volunteer roles.

  • The length of the agreement is from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019

Registration Information

Please note that GSNETX will ship your cookie warehouse card to the address provided below. You will need the card to pick up cookies at the warehouse.

Position Accountabilities

Please enter your initials in the boxes below, confirming you agree to all accountabilities of your position.
All boxes must be initialed — 4 letters max.

  • Complete the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge.
  • Only use first names when signing emails or cookie alerts regarding sales.
  • Girl Scouts may only post about her participation in the Cookie Program and Digital Cookie on social media sites where her friends and family and not the general public can see her social media page.
  • Posts about cookies for sale or a girl’s participation in Digital Cookie on websites such as Twitter, Facebook, eBay, Craigslist, or any other website, where her posts can be viewed by the public are not allowed.
  • We encourage Girl Scouts to write their own messages, within which they share their cookie goal and what their troop plans to do with the funds they earn.
  • Girl Scouts ages 13+ may post on their personal social media sites.
  • The Girl Scout's participation in Digital Cookie may be terminated if these guidelines are not followed.

  • I agree to collect and remit, in a timely manner and according to deadlines, all Girl Scout troop cookie money for my troop.
  • I agree that I am not allowed to submit an Outstanding Funds Report Form for Girl Scout Troop cookie money I personally owe.
  • I understand that collection action will be taken on all outstanding Girl Scout Troop cookie money accounts and debts which are not settled in full by March 5, 2019; and, that outstanding accounts or debts may be reported to a credit bureau, referred to collection agencies, and/or pursued through other collection and legal actions.

  • I have read the responsibilities outlined herein, understand them, and agree to assume them in accordance with all applicable GSNETX policies and procedures, including those for record-keeping, accounting, and depositing cookie funds.
  • I accept full responsibility for all Troop cookies entrusted to me for inventory, distribution, sale, collection, accounting, and deposit.
  • Should it become necessary for GSNETX to incur collection fees, attorneys' fees, and/or costs for legal representation to collect any monies owed by me to GSNETX from my Troop's cookie sales and not properly documented through Outstanding Funds Reports, I agree to also pay and accept full responsibility for all reasonable additional collection agency fees, reasonable attorney's fees, and costs incurred by GSNETX.


Acknowledgement of and Agreement to Terms
I, the undersigned Troop Cookie Manager, do hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to all terms and conditions outlined herein and on this site.


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