Troop Information Update Form

Your troop profile should be updated at least once a year! Please take two minutes today and keep us informed. This includes if your troop will or has graduated, merged with another troop or disbanded.
Keep your troop 'in the loop' by having the correct information in your Troop Profile.
If your program grade level or the grades your troop members are listed as are incorrect, your troop might miss out on exciting news and events organized by GSNETX. If your troop doesn’t list the correct schools, our data is incorrect and that can affect the information your troop receives about upcoming opportunities!
And, if your parents are trying to register to help the troop or attend a camp-out, and they cannot find your troop, that causes parents and girls to miss out on the fun!
This is also a way you can attract more girls to your troop if you choose to add your troop to the opportunity catalog! If you have a troop of 6th graders or younger and you have less than 12 girls, we encourage you to join the Opportunity Catalog. Learn more in our Opportunity Catalog FAQs.
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