Bank Account Registration and ACH Authorization

This Registration and Authorization form is to be completed by Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas Troops/SU upon being approved by GSNETX, and:
  • opening a Troop/SU bank account
  • changes in authorized signatures on an account
  • updating banking information
Bank Information
Account Information
Bank account registration requires two (2) unrelated signers that have passed background checks.
Signer on the Bank Account
Signer on the Bank Account
By completing this form, you acknowledge that:
  • You are an authorized signer on the Troop/SU bank account.
  • The Troop/SU account is set up using GSNETX council tax ID.
  • You accept responsibility for depositing sufficient funds in the Troop/SU bank account to cover ACH transactions at least 3 business days before the transaction is due to occur based on GSNETX’s Product Sales guidelines and processes.
  • You authorize GSNETX to repeat ACH transactions that fail for any reason.
  • Any monies due to your Troop/SU from GSNETX will be credited to your bank account via ACH transaction.
Signed Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024 at 09:28:24 pm
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